Saturday, February 16, 2008

Who Said The Romance Of The FA Cup Was Dead?

Liverpool 1-2 Barnsley.

With 10 of the remaining 16 teams going into today NOT from the Premiership, it was already the year of the underdog in the FA Cup, a throwback to the olden days before the money of the modern game put such famous upsets on the endangered species list.

Well apparently Liverpool were not content with their 4th Round performance, where they drew semi pro Havant & Waterlooville at home, then managed to fall behind not once but twice, 0-1, and 1-2, before sorting themselves out and winning 4-2. Today they hosted Barnsley, a mid-table team in the division below the EPL. And they topped their performance in round 4 against the semi-pros by coming from 1-0 up to not only stare down the prospet of an embarrassing replay at Barnsley, but going ahead and getting knocked out by a 92nd minute winner by Barnsley. At Anfield. Wow.

In the final 8 there will be a maximum of 4 premiership teams, so the little guys still have a chance to get to Wemberley. The best thing for them would be for the ManUtd-Arsenal winner to draw Chel$ea in the next round.


Anonymous said...


Or to self-referentially quote my twitter post: drive home, drive home, in your big expensive cars, cos you couldn't beat the Tykes, no you couldn't beat the Tykes (to the tune of you'll never walk alone, natch.)

beast in 'bama said...

If he's not already out the door by tomorrow, Benitez had better beat Inter this week. That's all that is left of this season for Liverpool.