Friday, February 15, 2008

Feel Good Friday: Home Sweet Home Edition

Greetings from my apartment, where I have not been for the last 15 nights as the massive water damage to mi casa was repaired. Tonight has been like a first night in a new place all over again, putting furniture in place, unpacking, etc. I just got all of the electronics plugged back in, so I'm here to pay homage to how nice it feels to have a home again that you can just chill out in.

First thing that came to mind was of course The Crue {sucks that my keyboard doesn't have the two little thingies}, and I think that in the short history of this place I have yet to post a vid of a makeup wearing hair band, and that just cannot stand any longer:

Next up is Donovan Frankenreiter & Jack Johnson singing "I'm Headed Home":

Finally is the sing "Home" from Jack Johnson's most recent surf movie, A Brokedown Melody:

Suffice to say, I'm happy to be back in my place. All that's left is about 10 loads of wash, as everything in my closet adopted the sweet smell of mildew, finish putting everything back in place, and then set about trying to get 1/2 a months rent back from my landlord, which will be barrels of fun.

Wherever your home is, and whether you are at it or far away from it, have a wonderful weekend.

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