Friday, August 3, 2007

Feel Good Friday: Office Jihad Edition

Your cubicle neighbor pissing you off?

Just fire up and get that shit stuck in his or her head- that will make you feel good in turn.

Here's the YouTube version:

Someone tried to fuck with me by sending me an instant message that simply said "", but much to their dismay I have to say that unlike the Hampster Dance {I don't have it in me to post a link, you'll have to find it yourself} and all of the other horrible tunes people fire up to fuck with you, I kind of dig this one. If you do too, then it's a win/win: you'll dig it, and everyone within earshot will hate it, and further hate that they'll be humming it to themselves on their commute home tonight.

Enjoy, or sorry, or you're welcome- whichever applies- and Happy Weekend.

1 comment:

aerial show traveler said...

interesting in an absurd sort of way... and it goes on and on andon!