Friday, June 22, 2007

Showdown At The Cotton Bowl, 1981

So yeah, of course I have been watching Dallas videos on YouTube for the last hour and a half...

The Cotton Bowl, with its capacity of 72,000 seats, holds more than just the bowl game. Every year it is also the site for the Red River Shootout, which is the great neutral field rivalry between Texas and Oklahoma {Red River Shootout for UT/OU is what the Cocktail Party is for UGA/UF}.

But it was also the site of a great showdown in 1981, season 4 of Dallas, between J.R. Ewing and Dusty Farlow. After Sue Ellen takes John Ross and leaves South Fork ranch to move in with Dusty at The Southern Cross, J.R. tries everything in his power to get his only son back on South Fork where he belongs {as for Sue Ellen, well he really doesn't give a shit about her at this point}. After a visit to the Southern Cross and a failed attempt to snatch and grab his son and take him back to South Fork, the whole thing culminates with a showdown at the Cotton Bowl, where J.R. drives his Benz into the stadium through the tunnel and Dusty arrives via helicopter. The adversaries meet at the 50 yard line and the showdown begins.

A great battle ensues, with J.R. obviously the heavy favorite. It looks like Dusty might have a chance when he suprisingly takes the lead with a slap to the face, but we all know how this game will end. With the recently disclosed public knowledge that Dusty has been rendered impotent from an accident, J.R. takes a smack to the face but comes back to destroy Dusty in the end, easily covering the 9.5 point spread.

A great sporting moment in Cotton Bowl history.

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