Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Anyone Who Doubts That Steve Spurrier And J.R. Ewing Are The Same Dude

I have been saying for years that of all of the look-a-likes in not only college football but all of sports, the comparison between Steve Spurrier and J.R. Ewing supersedes all others. In fact, I basically only refer to Spurrier as J.R. and have done so for quite some time.

First and foremost, they are dead ringers physically when you compare J.R. during the first 8 seasons of Dallas and Spurrier during his tenure at Florida. But it goes way beyond that. They are both evil geniuses that are damn near universally despised, but at the same time those who despise them secretly wouldn't mind if the evil genius were to work on their behalf. Secondly, they both have a quick wit and left us a long litany of hilarious quotes which are often clever digs at adversaries. Third, they have the exact same smriky smile that they flash often when they are full of themselves and their clever sayings. Fourth, J.R. often referred to himself in the third person as "'Ol J.R.", just as Spurrier refers to himself in the third person as the "'Ol Ball Coach". And fifth, they talk almost exactly the same, with a similar charming Southern drawl in addition to the aforementioned clever quips and digs at opponents. In fact, the only thing that is castly different about them is that while Spurrier has run clean programs and won without cheating, J.R. is the biggest cheater in the history of the Western World. Still, that isn't nearly enough to overcome the mountain of evidence associating them.

It's really unbelievable. Anyhow, thanks to the combination of Dallas dorks like me buying up the DVDs/TiVo-ing Dallas episodes on SOAPNet and the wonderful world of YouTube, I can at long last give video evidence in support of my claim. There are a bunch of specific scenes that I wish I could show you, but this is the best one for what is out there today. Enjoy:

'Ol J.R. having one of a million run ins with his brother Bobby

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