Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday: RVP

With all of the attention on TH14 "will he/won't he?" this spring and summer, the almost forgotten man at Arsenal is the other main striker, Robin Van Persie. He fractured his foot while scoring against Manchester United and has been recovering since then, but he will be back for the attack in August. He is ridiculously talented and still only 23 years old, and last year he started to have a breakout season with 14 goals before getting injured in January.

I am predicting right now that RVP scores 25 goals for Arsenal this season. Yeah, I said it: twenty five. Whether it's paired with Henry or Eto'o, {and I still think it will be TH14} I think he is primed and ready for a big time break out season. Anyhow, here is a great sampling of his goalscoring prowess.

How do you say the shizzle in Dutch? RVP.

Addendum: how the hell did this brilliant goal not make the top 5?

Not even Robbie Savage's cheating could stop this badass golaso


DC Trojan said...

I know that we're all big fans of TH14, but they could do a lot worse than swap him for Eto'o... I've been impressed at Eto'o's willingness to pass in front of goal to a team-mate with a better angle, and while he doesn't have the outright pace of Henry, he's a more reliable striker... and with Fabregas coming along, and van Persie to link up with in the mid-field, well that would be something to see.

Now watch it won't happen and TH14 will be moody (moodier?) all next season.

Kanu said...

If TH14 goes and Arsenal get Eto'o, then you won't hear any complaining from me. The other thing to consider is that Titi turns 30 next month and Eto'o is only 26, so over the next 3-4 seasons Titi will begin to decline and Eto'o should be at his peak.

I'll write about this if and when TH14 leaves {although I still think he will stay this year because Wenger is most certainly staying and honoring the final year of his contract}, but as much as it sucked when PV4 left, and as sad as it would be to see TH14 go, I still have unwavering faith in Arsene to make Arsenal a continually great club- the day that I will be truly gutted is the day that Wenger himself leaves. That will be a far bigger blow to Arsenal Football CLub than losing ANY player, period.