Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Hi, My Name Is Kanu, And I'm Addicted To Sunsets..."

I had to work late on Monday, so once I walked home and did my usual walk up to the rooftop, take in the view, and chillout for a few minutes to transition from stressful workday to tranquilo evening, it was already 7.30. The sun was getting ready to set, and for the 4th day in a row is was wonderfully and unusually warm, 80+ in the city, so instead of the usual end-of-a-nice-day transition from shorts/tshirt weather to your ass better have pants and a fleece weather, it was warm and just perfect. And per usual the warm weather resulted in a beautiful sunset.

As I took in the scene I realized that the only thing that could make it better was a beer and the amazingly soothing voice of Cesaria Evora. Plus I was interested to see if my laptop could pull a wireless signal from up there. So I went downstairs, grapped the ol' laptop, the camera, and a beer, and watched the sunset with Cesaria serenading me with her amazing voice.

The result was The Kanu Rooftop Experience, Sunset Edition With Soundtrack:

Here are a few pics as well. Fear not, the weather has returned to 50s and foggy the last couple of days, so hopefully you shant be bothered with my sunsetitis for a while.

Oh, and the laptop can pull a wireless signal from someone in the area not savvy enough to lock their shit down, but it is very, very slow. But it has got me brainstorming on how to get a good connection up there so I can listen to the whole EDSBS Live show from up there on Tuesday afternoons...


brain said...

Your rooftops = my bodies of water.


OMAA said...

As for the wireless, break down and shuck the Cali lifestyle for a day and eat a whole can of pringles. Then, go ahead and make yourself a cantenna. Point it a the wireless connection and you will be all set!