Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arsenal Joga Bonito Wednesday:
Dare To Dream Edition

Of course we all know that 99% of all stories in the "silly season" are completely untrue, but...

...if Arsene Wenger really has 40 million pounds to spend this summer, than forget all of the rumored talks of Samuel Eto'o coming to Arsenal and Thierry Henry going the other way. Buy Eto'o outright and play them both together, with SE9 as the fox in the box best outright striker in the world and TH14 dropping into a half striker Bergkamp-esque role. After all, Titi is an amazing passer for a striker.

The odds of this are close to zero, but I shall watch this video repeatedly and dare to dream about it anyways.

Bonus: the extremely rare footy compilation video without a horrible song over it.

Added bonus: My SE9 Barcelona jersey would still be relevant and current: to me.


Michael said...


Kanu said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about, at least with Arsenal. The next world superstar that Wenger signs will be his first.

I actually hope that Barca's big 3 stay, because they are so damn fun to watch when they play together that it would be a shame if they broke up. Dismantling that team as the rumor mill has been hinting at for months would be a stupid and tragic thing- but then you already know that.

moin said...

You are more likely to see this combo play out in Barca uniform than the other way around anyways.

Kanu said...

Don't believe the hype, Moin. TH14 is not leaving.

The most likely scenario is that instead of Eto'o Arsene signs a few teenagers from France, Mali, and Ukraine that no one has ever heard of.

moin said...

Wenger has actually been buying a bunch of "kids" that people have heard of: Vela, Rosicky (I CAN'T SPELL), Adebayor, Hleb, Van Persie, Cesc, etc. All highly talented and cheap (relatively) youngsters. So instead of paying 70 million for one 50 million player, Arsenal pays about 30 million for 2 youngsters who are worth about 10 million. Damn I wish RM did business that way.

Of course, there are still the African youngsters. Alot of clubs have that, really, but Arsenal is slightly more extensive than the rest (though Barca and Chelsea are catching up fast).

On a sidenote, keep an eye out for Rafael and Fabio, twin Brazilian fullbacks that United apparently just got their hands on. How cool would that be? It's been proven as incontrovertible law that twin brothers will be successful: the de Boers and the brothers for CSKA are proof enough

Kanu said...

Aye, not to mention those two brothers that played hoops at UAB a few years ago and beat Kentucky witht he ESP no look overhead outlet pass.