Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend In Review

So obviously the highlight of my weekend was choosing to drive back from Sacramento on Saturday evening and not Sunday, when it would have taken me 5 hours to drive the 90 miles. I remember being a bit irritate that there was a good bit of traffic leading up to the Bay Bridge toll plaza- little did I know how fortunate I was to roll through the maze about 4 hours before it done blowed up.

Hmmm, I think I'll take BART...

Speaking of Sacramento, I went up to see my 5 year old niece play TBall, and I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable sporting events I have ever witnessed at any level.

Other highlights include the out of nowhere call from my cousin and the aforementioned impromptu pub crawl that ensued, Arsenal beating Fulham 3-1 and ensuring at no worse than a 4th place finish this season which gets them into next season's Champions League, and Red Stripes having only 6 players but still coming from 1-2 down to win 4-2 in our first match of the summer season. If a 7 a side co-ed beer league rec team had fans, they would have been chanting "Six men! We've only got six men, we've only got six men, we've only got six men..." Although 2 of our 6 were women, so maybe not.

In other news, The University Of Georgia GymDogs once again showed that their resistance to the Florida Gator Kryptonite is more heightened than most other teams from either UGA or the current known universe by avenging their SEC Tournament loss to Florida and beating the best of the rest as well to capture their third consecutive National Championship. The Mayor has the full rundown for you in typical splendid detail. Congrats to the GymDawgs on their 8th national title, which ranks them 2nd all time. They will be favorites next year to make it four in a row, as the 2008 National Championships will be held in Stegeman Coliseum on the beautiful campus of the University Of Georgia. Should Yoculan call the plays in The Cocktail Party this year?

"Gainesville, cabron, saluda el campeon!"

Also a word for sophomore GymDawg Courtney Kupets, who is basically becoming the Herschel Walker of the Gymnastics program for what she is accomplishing at such a young age. Last year as a freshman she played a huge part in the team's national title, then went on to win individual national championships in the balance beam, parallel bars, and the all-around competition as well. How do you follow up a freshman year with 3 individual national titles and a team title? Simple really: you lead your team to another team national title, then go out and win the individual national championships in both the vault and the all-around competition. She damn near swept the whole lot, as she finished 2nd on the beam, 2nd on the bars, and 3rd on the floor exercise. Her 5 individual national titles in a career now rank her 1st among all time Georgia gymnasts and place her 2nd on the all time list. And she still has 2 more years to go. A phenom if ever there was one.

Munson should call GymDogs meets so he can say "There Goes Courtney!"

I laughed in flipping the channels at TV personalities fawning over JaMarcus Russell and going a little over the top on how good he is. I'll repeat something now that I said a few weeks ago somewhere else: he's the quintessential dude that NFL people who don’t really watch a lot of college football games but rather see highlight shows get a huge boner over based on his highlights and whatnot. The trick is that people who watch LSU alot see that he can also be a complete disaster waiting to happen, and for every 2 great plays he makes, he also has an extreme fuckup. Lastly, he is more immobile in reality than he might appear to the untrained eye, and like a 1982 Mercedes diesel sedan {0 to 60 in 5 minutes}, he takes a long time to get up to speed. Also prone to very bad decisions. My money is on complete bust.

Finally, 2 bits of bizarro news: New England Patriots go totally gangsta- what the fuck? The draft Merriweather from Miami, who is a stereotypical Thug U player, which was kind of suprising given their entire ethos of team first, individuals 2nd, and character being supremely valued by Belichick and the front office. But then they go out and trade for Randy Moss. Randy Moss? Wow, totally crazy. I can't really see that dude and Tom Brady hanging out too much. But I guess when you can get that big of a talent, {hopefully} with something to prove, for a 4th round freaking draft pick, well you pretty much have to do it. Crazy.

Finally, Titi Henry goes a bit bizarro himself, but in this case I absolutely love it. You see, TH14 rarely talks shit outright, he is usually gives sly clever remarks to interviewers to poke fun at others, very much like Arsene Wenger does. Well maybe he's a little restless at not being able to play for the last couple of months, because he dropped some smack magnifique on hapless Spurs and how they celebrated Jenas' goal at the death a couple of weeks ago to tie Arsenal 2-2 like they had just won the league for the first time since 1961 {or qualified for the Champions League for the first time ever}. Ecoutez:

"What makes me laugh is the way Tottenham always celebrate whenever they get a draw against us," Henry told the Arsenal programme for their match against Fulham.

"I would like to remind them that once again they have not made the Champions League. So I was amazed to see their reaction at the full-time whistle.

"I had to look twice at the score on the TV because I thought they had won it the way they were celebrating."

There is little love lost between two clubs who are seperated by just a few miles and, while Henry is currently sidelined with a back injury, his controversial comments will ensure he remains firmly in the spotlight.

"When I celebrated my equaliser against them at home last season I did so because the goal had a meaning," he said.
"It turned out to be an important goal in the race for fourth place. I wasn't going to celebrate just because we drew against Tottenham.

"It was the same when we won the league there in 2004. They equalised to make it 2-2 that day and when I saw Taricco celebrate so much that he injured himself, I said to him 'you do realise we only needed a point and now we are celebrating the title on your ground."

Normally I am against shit talking,
mais cela est quelque bon merde.

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