Monday, April 30, 2007

Champions League Final Scenarios

Champions League Semifinal 2nd Legs:

Liverpool (0)-(1) Chel$ea
Tue. 11.45 a.m. PST ESPN2

AC Milan (2)-(3) Manchester United
Wed. 11.45 a.m. PST ESPN2

So here are the 4 scenarios, as ranked in order of hideousness {least to most} by me.

Best Case Scenario:
Liverpool-AC Milan
Storyline: Rematch of the most remarkable European final of 2005 in Istanbul, when AC Milan took an insurmountable 3-0 lead at halftime, only to see Liverpool somehow surmount it after all with 3 goals in I believe an 8 minute span midway through the 2nd half. After two extra periods Liverpool went on to win the penalty shootout. Many of the same players remain from two years ago. This would put us dangerously close to my cynical summer prediction that Milan, who were undeservedly let back into the competition after being deservedly banned, would go on to win the whole thing. I would be rooting for The Pool pretty damn hard but admiring the wonderful talent of Kaka as well.

Someone To Root For:
Liverpool-Manchester United
Storyline: Hooligans & fan clashes. You would have two hated local rivals flying all the way to Greece to contest this final, and both sets of fans will bring thousands and thousands of fans who do not have tickets. The challenge for the authorities when it comes to footy is usually keeping the two sets of fans apart. In this case it would be damn near impossible because they essentially are from the same place. Imagine hundreds and hundreds of ManUtd & Liverpool fans on the same flights to and from Athens. Planeful after planeful after planeful. I would have some serious pity for the poor stewardesses that would have to suffer through that. If this comes to pass, then Come On The 'Pool!, obviously.

Bad Versus Worse= Go Bad!
Chel$ea-AC Milan
Storyline: Sheva, more commonly known as Andiry Shevchenko, who just last summer moved from Milan to Chel$ea after several years as Milan's key player and one of the top strikers in the world. He was much beloved by the Milan fans, who were crushed when he left, and since joining FC Billionaire he has struggled this season to duplicate his stellar form that he had in Milan over the years. The other storyline would basically be "old money" Milan versus "new money" Chel$ea. My sentiment here would clearly be Forza Milan!

Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck Fuck. Fuck A Duck:
Chel$ea-Manchester United
Storyline: Kanu's nightmare. Not much to root for other than injuries & explosions, or as the boys over at Georgia Sports Blog call it, the Meteor Game. Shit, truth be told I guess I would prefer for Chel$ea not to win, because they would then have bought the most prestigious trophy in European club football, and I would love for them to never accomplish that goal. Buying their first {and second} English league titles since 1955 seems like quite enough. I could only hope that they played a dire & dismal 0-0 draw that ended with something shameful and left the world commenting on what a terrible display of antifootball these two teams put on for the world. You know, kind of like the 2003 Champions League Final between Juventus and AC Milan.

So yeah, "Come On The 'Pool!" and "Forza Milan!"


moin said...

You and I, same page my friend.

I'm tempted to just forsake the CL this year and concentrate on the UEFA Cup. Mmmm... Spanish clubs not named Barcelona.

danksquad said...

Hell ya