Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ummm, Nevermind

ManUtd 7-1 Roma
ManUtd advance 8-3 on aggregate

Valencia 1-2 Chel$ea
Chel$ea advance 3-2 on aggregate

Obviously, I was thoroughly baked, especially in the case of ManUtd, who put an unheard of SEVEN past Roma, a feat never before accomplished in a single match in Champions League history.

Kanu, earlier today.

Valencia were making me look smart when they went up 1-0, and after Sheva equalized it looked destined for added time until Black Star (as in Ghana national, not a race descriptor) Michael Essien got the winner at the death.

So with ManU, Chel$ea, and for all intents and purposes Liverpool already in the semifinals, the only thing for me to say is:


Unless Bayern beat AC Milan tomorrow and then vanquish Liverpool, in which case I will be rooting for Das Germans in the final.

Damn, this is some good shit. I'm off to find some Cheetos...


Aureliano said...

Isn't everyone in Cali baked all the time anyway? Thought that was a given.

I have a sneaky feeling that if that ManU game was more tightly called by the ref early in the game it would've been a different game. Maybe similar result in the end, but would at least have been interesting to watch after the first 20 minutes. I thought the ref let a lot of things go that would've slowed the game down and given Roma a lot more time w/ the ball.

Either that or maybe Roma should've played with 11 men and at least 4 in the back. Wait, what, they did play with 4 in the back? Must have missed that somehow.

Oh, and one more thing. Man you got to feel for Canizares. The man made two incredible saves and then let one go in near post in the 90+ mark. As much as I don't like Mourinho, putting Essien in the back was money. Essien was somewhat fresh at the end of the game and was able to hit that rocket (also had the assist).

DC Trojan said...

I was crunching away on a project deliverable and didn't even follow the web updates - you could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw the result of the Man U game. I like Roma, to some extent, but a thrashing like that is "force of nature" stuff - too bad I won't be able to catch a replay.

beast in 'bama said...

I'm DVR-ing both the Liverpool and Bayern Munchen matches today, hoping they'll both advance.

Glad to see you're pulling for Liverpool. I don't want to see a treble (or quadruple) go to the dark sides this year.

Hang in there. The future belongs to Wenger. '08 could be his year.

Aureliano said...

Yeah, tried to DVR both matches yesterday. Either something is up with the DVR or ESPN, but I never got to see the Milan-Bayern match. For some reason ESPN Classic decided to show an old Butterbean fight and old episodes of American Gladiator. I mean, like Gemini and Nitro and those other roided up dudes beating up random skinny guys in powerball, but watching Milan would've been much much more enjoyable...