Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wunderbar Tor!

Holy shit what a goal by Eintracht Frankfurt's Christoph Preuß {pronounced Preuss I think} , to beat the biggest {and historically best} club in the league no less:

Also, I hate to say anything complimentary about anyone on Spurs, but their goalkeeper Paul Robinson scored today from a good 80 yards out. Nutty.

Must be some kind of karmic retribution for his unbelievable howler for England last fall:

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moin said...

It is Preuss, the German, being the practical people they are, don't feel like writing two s's when one beta would do.

That was HUGE win for my boys in Germany (yes, I pick bad teams in other nations to make up for being a Madrista). They were in the relegation zone before that match and, well, is now 3 points clear (those 3 pts translates to 4 places on the table). w00t! Oh, and Fuck Bayern. That goal came a minute or so after Van Bommel (fuck him too) hit the upright. So that was doubly fun.

That Paul Robinson goal was fun. But what I find interesting is that when a similar thing happened to Kuszczak in a friendly against Columbia, he was practically booed off the field by the fans right there! He had to collect himself with the amount of abuse he was taking. Mind you this was a friendly.

Watford is engaging in a relegation battle, I can't believe the difference in reaction, especially when you consider the Foster gaffe is much more of a gaffe and there wasn't that much Kuszcsak could do about that fluky bounce of the ball (well outside of the area, and just the right height).

Lastly, that was Paul's second career goal and if you ask me, his first one was much more spectacular.

I can only imagine it was in a cup match, because Swindon and Leeds aren't going to play in league (until next year that is).