Friday, March 16, 2007

Two Down, One To Go...

Dook is out.
Georgia Tech is out.

All I ask is that Florida to not repeat as champions. But if they were to also go out sometime this weekend, and I could have peace in my college basketball soul that was never achieved last year, then that would be almost too wonderful for words.

Here's hoping supreme pimp Lute Olson can get his Cats past Purdue and then shock the Gators on Sunday.

Also, be sure to keep up with the tournament over at Burnt Orange Nation: Peter Bean and Co. are all over it with great coverage and analysis.

Arsenal are away to Everton on Sunday morning in their less than exciting quest to ensure Champions League 2007-08 qualification. A goal that isn't a crazy deflection or own goal would be welcome and nice. I'll be taping the game and watching it later, as FC Red Stripes play a double-header: first taking on Team Swarm and then Cold Play. The weather here is supposed to be mid 70s and sunny, so no matter what it will just be great to be outside all day instead of in cubicle world.

Speaking of cubicle world, we got job offers from our new contractual overlords today, so going on the dole and traveling the West will have to wait a few months until they dump us after completing the transition from old contract to new. Corporate America = fun.

Finally, OMAA attended the ACC Tournament last weekend in Tampa, and he reported to me that Virginia Tech has a female student manager who is uber hott. So that is something for all of us to look for tonight.

I'm off to a sportsbar/footy pub called The Final Final to meet up with A10 and his crew to take in the games and imbibe the Friday Happy Hour goodness. I hope that VT student manager is as advertised...

A Happy Weekend To All, wherever you are and whatever you get into.

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