Friday, March 9, 2007

Champions League Quarterfinal & Semifinal Draw

Eliminated champion Barcelona's Giuly hands
the trophy
with the big ears back over to UEFA
president Michel Platini at this morning's draw

So my Schadenfreude ManUtd-Chel$ea matchup didn't come to pass, and on paper England looks like they have a great shot to put 3 teams in the final 4. Sexiest matchup is certainly Bayern-Milan. Best matchup on paper is Valencia-Chel$ea. If Valencia can get a road goal at Stamford Bridge, look out. They are damn near untouchable at the Mestalla. A half-hearted "Come On The 'Pool!" from here on out I guess.

Who do you fancy?

Champions League Quarterfinal Draw
Bayern Munich - AC Milan
Liverpool - PSV Eindhoven
Manchester United - AS Roma
Valencia - Chel$ea

Teams listed first will be away in the first leg and host the 2nd leg.

Quarterfinal 1st legs: Tuesday April 3 & Wednesday April 4
Quarterfinal 2nd legs: Tuesday April 10 & Wednesday April 11

Champions League Semifinal Draw

Bayern Munich-AC Milan winner v. Manchester Utd.-Roma winner
Liverpool-PSV Eindhoven winner v. Valencia-Chel$ea winner

Semifinal 1st legs: Tuesday April 24 & Wednesday April 25
Semifinal 2nd legs: Tuesday May 1 & Wednesday May 2

Champions League Final
Wednesday May 23
Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece


Robert said...

I spent 8 months living in Rome in 2006, so I have adopted the giallorossi as my squad, even though I really don't like how the Italians play soccer. Totti and De Rossi are my guys, and I was sporting my Roma scarf here on Tuesday and Wednesday even though it was about 78 both days here in Tallahassee.

Kanu said...

Nice dude, congrats then and good luck to you.

I Can't ever remember seeing any footy team whose performance was so tied to that of their inspirational leader than Roma & Totti. It's nutty and fascinating. That guy is literally a god there, and seems to make all the difference in the world to them.

Robert said...

Kanu, I just read your post about how you're pulling for Liverpool as you hate them the least and go on to say that Roma has some racist fans. This is true, but for what I've seen, the whole country is filled with them and I don't know how the league/squads will be able to stop it. The circle that I hung around with were young, educated, fanatical Roma fans that wanted nothing to do with the idiots and we saw the games out in a local bar.

And yes, Totti is amazing and obviously the key to Roma's success or failure. He has that city in a spell. It'll be interesting to see how the team does against ManU.

Kanu said...

Thanks for the info Robert - it's good to know. I'm sure that the majority of clubs' reputations are the result of a small percentage of their fans - it's always nice to be reminded that the majority of fans for just about any team out there are just regular people that love to support their team.

Yeah I don't really hide my distaste for Italian soccer in general, but you are certainly always welcome here, especially to offer counterpoints to my points and different perspectives- I am a big fan of being shown when my reasoning is flawed and learning different angles, and I wish you the best of luck against ManUtd. Truth be told I'll be pleased if they knock ManUtd out - the thought of another potential ManUtd treble is sickening just to think about, even if Arsenal did do the double over them this year.

Yeah, Totti seems to be 2nd only to the Pope in Rome.

I'm looking forward to the Inter-Roma Coppa Italia Final, I just hope my co-favorite player Vieira makes it back from injury in time to partake.

moin said...

With this draw, I can totally see the winner of the Chelsea-Valencia go on to win the whole thing.