Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Poor Man's Ice Cube

I haven't messed around and got a triple double, seen "Kanu's A Pimp" on the Goodyear Blimp, or put any butts to sleep. Yet.

Perhaps it says "Kanu's_ THE Pimp"...

That being said today has been pretty good. No, not because Fidel Castro ceded power over Cuba to his brother.

The day started off pretty solidly when I realized that today is my half-birthday. 32 pernt 5 today, son. Then, while doing a mondo pain in the ass re-org of all of my music files on my work PC, I was able to listen to the Third Eye Blind self-titled CD as well as Lovers Rock by Sade for the 1st time in almost two years. Why is boring and irrelevant, but I must say that I was pretty fired up about it, as I thought that bad memories would have prevented me from enjoying these pretty much forever.

I was in the wilderness,
She was in the music,
In the man's car next to me.

Then at lunch I went over to the Asian Art Musuem and got in for free, since it is gratis on the 1st Tuesday of every month. Not a bad way to spend my lunch hour. Additionally it was sunny, about 70 degrees with a nice seabreeze: one of those perfect days here, that when the rest of the state and country is 100 degrees, helps you rationalize why you pay so much rent to live in the city.

Then I realized that since it's Aug 1, two cool-ass things were dropping today: 1) G. Love & Special Sauce's new CD Lemonade, which I acquired earlier tonight and am listening to now. I recommend that you do the same; it's pretty great. I am going down to Saratoga to see him in concert on Sunday night at some outdoor amphitheater at a winery that is supposed to be tip top; I'm pretty stoked about it. I saw him when he was in town in February and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen in person.

G. Love: naming albums after Tasso since 2006

2) The complete Season 5 DVD of "Dallas". Suh-weet! Hopefully this means that Season 6 will come out for Christmas, at which point we will be pretty close to having the very best years of Dallas before the long, slow decline which occurred after the tragic death of Jim Davis, Bobby's death at the end of season 8, and the stupidity of the "dream season" copout to bring Bobby back from the dead (granted, they painted themselves into a pretty tight corner by showing him die on screen). Next year it will be great to be able to watch these early seasons when the show was simply incredible to help offset the world class shittiness that "Dallas: The Movie" will surely be.

Oh hell to the yeah.

I even managed to work out and do situps. So all that's left is a random phone call from the Republica Deportiva chicas saying that they are in town from Miami and that they want to meetup for drinks. Shit - that means that I need to grow a world class moustache in the next 30 minutes. Ciao.

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Brain said...

Nothing like hearing Ice in your head as you're working in sweltering heat. I wish I could actually "HEAR" those words in my ears. I can't have the chics call you but how about a dude commenting on your post.