Friday, August 18, 2006

Kanu Signs With New Team

After 2 years with West Brom, speculation has lingered all summer about what club Kanu would move to this season since West Brom were relegated from the Premiership in May.

Kanu has signed a contract with FC Red Stripes and will play this season in the Golden Gate Sport & Social Club's Adult Recreational League, where he will earn a salary of -$60. When reached for comment all he had to say was "Hooray Beer!".*

The real Kanu, you say? Oh, sorry...

Today he signed for Portsmouth where he will join another former Gunner Sol Campbell and play for the charismatic manager 'Arry Redknapp.

This season he'll be the one wearing the blue kit.

I'm glad that he signed for Pompey - it looks like the new owner is investing some cash to try to do more than just fight off relegation, and their fans are 2nd to none in England. I have always pulled for them since the Portsmouth-Arsenal FA Cup match in 2004 when their fans literally sang and chanted at the top of their lungs for the full 90 minutes even though they were thrashed by Arsenal 5-1 (I think it was 4-0 at half). I've never seen anything like it by any fans, ever. And 'Arry is a likeable guy, a very good manager, a good quote, and has been a Gooner (Arsenal fan) since he was a boy. So best of luck to Kanu, I hope he can find his scoring boots again or at least feature more than he did at WBA. I am guessing that he will become a fan favorite at Pompey if he starts scoring goals, because he is kown to have some wacky ass goal celebrations.

Ahh, those were the days...

*Actually, this happened 4 weeks ago and this Kanu has played in 4 matches. Two weeks ago he had an amazing miss with the goal at his mercy (not quite as bad as his miss of the century, but close) but later made up for it with a nice throughball assist. This past week he assisted on 2 of the 4 Red Stripes goals, and looked like he was going to open his account with a diving header, but alas he was denied by the woodwork. Some Red Sripes fans are happy, but some are grumbling that Kanu is not living up to the $60 salary that he paid the club.

Occasional moments of brilliance, but here
he gets schooled by a 4 year old girl.


Thistle71 said...

portsmouth the town is also known for its inhabitant's proclivity for moustaches.

Kanu said...


I think you just found Orson Swindle a team to support.

Some of their same fans always seem to get onb TV - there's a dude with a big drum and another with a Dr. Seuss hat and a million tattoos, who looks like a fine guy as long as you support Pompey; otherwise he looks like a hard nut from a Guy Ritchie film whom you really do not want to mess with.

Between Kanu, 'Arry, those fans, and colossus Sol Campbell, I'll be supporting Pompey this year except when they play the Arse.