Friday, August 18, 2006

Doug Flutie Is Wicked Pissah

Last month I was able to travel to my hometown of Boston and spend a few days at the lake in New Hampshah as well. I also got to go over to Oakland and watch the Red Sox beat the As with all of the other Bay Area chowds (there are a bunch). It was cool to see Schilling pitch for the first time in person.

Just like Kanu, this dude went to Natick High.

I thought that was it as far as getting back to my roots this summah. But I was wrong. The fine proprietor of BC blog Eagle In Atlanta asked me to submit to an interview of sorts, as he was looking for an outside opinion on the state of the BC program. He thought that my pedigree of Boston native and longtime fan of a big SEC football program would naturally produce some amazing insight and wisdom. I was happy to oblige, although I'm very certain that I fell well short of saying anything insightful, profound, or wise. Anyhow, thanks to ATLEagle for the opportunity to answer his questions about BC football, which can be found here.