Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"Get Up, Get, Get, Get Down, The Golden Ball Is A Joke In Your Town"

So FIFA awarded the golden ball to Zidane as the best player in the tournament. Pure & total political BS, a going away present and lifetime achievement award. I love Zizou as much as anybody, but the truth is he wasn't even one of the 2 best players... for France. Vieira and Thuram were France's 2 best players. Zizou did pretty much nothing until the 90th minutes against Spain, played the best match of anyone in the tournament against Brasil, then showed flashes of brilliance after that, but Vieira & Thuram were consistently dominant from beginning to end in the tournament.

The two best players in the tournament were Cannavaro and Buffon, and one of them should have won and the other should have been 2nd. I suppose neither really care too much because they got the Jules Rimet Trophy instead.

FIFA did get the Best Young Player award correct by giving it to Podolski of Germany. Dude played the best of any young player (actually Messi did but to use baseball parlance didn't get enough at bats to qualify).

Speaking of Podolski, he probably should be added to my World Cup list of Mike Jonses, along with Grosso of Italy. Inter Milan announced yesterday that they signed Grosso on June 29th, but for some reason they delayed the announcement until after the World Cup. Anyways, quite a coup for Inter - I know that A10 is thrilled.

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