Monday, May 15, 2006

Wie Attempting To Qualify For U.S. Open

At 11 a.m. PST today, Michelle Wie will tee it up in her U.S. Open Local qualifier at Turtle Bay in her home state of Hawaii, in the opening leg of her quest to qualify for the 2006 United States (Men's ) Open at Winged Foot. There are 41 golfers competing for 3 spots in her region's sectional qualifier.

There are worse things on a Monday
than playing golf in Hawaii

In the past, some have been very critical of her receiving sponsor's exemptions into PGA Tour events, saying that she is taking the spot away from someone else. I completely disagree, but this is a totally different situation. If she makes the field she will have done it on her own merit by qualifying against the odds (8584 entrants this year for anywhere from 30-50 spots in the U.S. Open field).

Like her, hate her, agree or disagree with her anti-Tiger approach of going for the brass ring rather than learning to win against junior & amateur competition, it is always interesting and exciting when she tees it up against the boys. Personally I am all for it, and I hope she makes it, although the numbers say she won't.

My prediction is that she will grab one of the 3 spots for sectional qualifying, where she will be competing against amateurs and local pros, but will fail at sectional qualifying in a few weeks where she will be going up against mostly all PGA and mini tour players.

You can follow her progress today at

Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Brain said...

I can only hope that my daughter, AMH, will have a legit chance of showing her skills on the only "EVEN" playing field in sports. If she has her fathers length off the tee, her grandmothers accuracy and her grandfather's tenacity, she will be kicking ass in the juniors soon.

Kanu said...

Nice. Although if she is every bit as tenacious as her grandpa, she could launch a whole new sport: lawnmover wrestling.

Kanu said...


This playing field is pretty even:

Although I suppose the fact that the girls carry 121 lbs to the boys 126 makes it not quite completely even. MIchelle does have to play from the tips after all.