Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iranian Women Soccer Fans:
Your 1 Month Of Freedom Is Over

I hope the female Iranian soccer fans out there got out and caught a match in the last month, because after President Ahmadinejad announced in April that women in Iran could attend soccer matches, they have rescinded the new law because the Ayatollah does not approve of it, and his power is greater than that of the president. Perhaps we should worry less about what Ahmadinejad says about nukes and focus more about the attitude of the Ayatollah, since he is clearly the one who ultimately decides Iranian policy. Just a thought...

"Freedom is my right, Iran is my country"
Dookies: this is hardcore, you are not

Here's hoping that these brave, badass Iranian women exercise their human rights and defy the ban again at this summer's World Cup, or at least protest their way into a decent sports bar.

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