Saturday, May 6, 2006

Happy Derby Day!

First off, I want Point Dertermined to win. BUt it's not about who you want to win, it's about who you think will put money in your pocket.

Secondly, there will definitely be a Dre/Tupac exacta box (California Love):

Point Determined
Brother Derek
A.P. Warrior

As for my pick, I am going with $20 across the board on one of these three, depending on their odds in the 5 o'clock hour:

Brother Derek
Point Determined

Then I will go for the brass ring with a big partial wheel $1 trifecta box with:
The three above in the win slot
Those three plus A.P. Warrior and Lawyer Ron in the show spot
Those five plus Barbaro, Jazil, and Storm treasure in the show spot

So there it is.

Who do you like to win, and why?

OK - we're off to Churchill Downs. Brain, Solon, Tasso and I will drink a julep or three for each of you.

Happy Derby, and Good Luck to all.

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