Friday, May 19, 2006

4 More Years! 4 More Years!

No, I am not campaigning for restructuring of the United States Constitution that would allow Dubya a 3rd term...

"At one point it crossed my mind to leave,
but I think with my heart and my heart told me to stay."

Apparently my overnight wish came true, and it is all very true that Thierry Henry is staying at Arsenal and will be putting pen to paper on a 4 year contract extension. Titi will lead Arsenal out in August in their brand new 60,000 seat stadium at Ashburton Grove.

TH14. Ashburton Grove 2006-2010.

From the man himself:

“This is my last contract. It is where I belong.”

"The game reassured me of one thing I wanted to know - how far I can go with that team,” said Henry. “I know we lost but they showed me they are a team with heart and lots of quality. We can be so proud of what we did."

Looking forward to more of this.

Henry is Arsenal's all time leading goalscorer with 214 goals. 164 of these are in the Premiership, meaning that there is a realistic chance that he will surpass recently retired Alan Shearer's record of 260. Andy Cole is 2nd with 185 - he will likely be surpassed next season.

No disrespect to Ronaldinho, but Henry is the best player in the world. Actually I am going to do a comparison piece on these two next week. Anyhow, Arsenal can do great things in the next 5 years with Henry, the new stadium, and the ridiculous amount of uber-talented youngsters coming into the squad.

Oh, and Shaun Custis, your balls are once again safe.


moin said...

Luckily, there's a little thing coming up soon called the World Cup that will really help us settle this "best in the world" business.

Kanu said...

True indeed, but just wait for this piece I am working on for next week - the numbers may suprise you...

Solon said...

Actually, Kanu, the goals tallies are a little off.

Shearer has 260 EPL goals, while Henry has 214 goals for Arsenal in all competitions. TH14 actually has 164 goals in the EPL--and sits 3rd behind Shearer and Andy Cole (who has 185).

In truth, there is some question as to whether Henry will catch Shearer in the next four years. He will have to score 24 goals a season--not out of his range, certainly--but he will have to avoid injury and not regress too much in the next couple years.

Kanu said...


Thanks and sorry.