Sunday, August 22, 2010

We've Got 5 Super Bowls Bitch

I went to my first 49ers game today with and courtesy of my friend Dana Dane, who hooked us up with free tickets and a parking pass. The sun was out for a change and it was very nice:

The view from section 15

I won't bore you with my impressions of Candlestick, I'll just cut to the chase.

This is by far the greatest thing we saw all day, and possibly ever at a football game... 

Don't attempt a retort; there isn't one.

...and that is before you consider that 8 year olds are wearing them.

Not only that- as Dana Dane pointed out, the shirts did not look new, which means they probably got them when they were 6.

Even better, they weren't just standing there for our amusement; they were *hustlin'* Rick Ross style. They had boxes of candy bars that kids have to sell for school or sports team or Boy Scouts or whatever, and they set up shop just outside the gate. As people streamed out of the gate, they shouted "Candy dollar! If you buy a candy bar we'll breakdance for you!!!"

The cherry on top of this sundae is that when I got home I googled both the T-shirt and the phrase, and it quickly became clear that you cannot buy these shirts anywhere- they are CUSTOM.



Skraps said...

That is Awesome turned up to 11.

Anonymous said...

8-year-olds wearing that garbage? What were their parents thinking? Oh, right--they weren't!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Pittsburgh has 6. Bitch. Bragging about having the 2nd most super bowl rings is like celebrating the Runner up in the Division 2 womens basketball tournament.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the 49ers haven't won a Super Bowl in their lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

I guess Pittsburgh would be the winner of the Division 2 womens basketball tournament then.

Anonymous said...

Considering the NFL Championship game wasn't always called the Superbowl, I would argue that title of most championships should go to the Packers at 12.

per head service said...

I would like to have that kind of friends that they can get you free tickets and parking pass.

Anonymous said...

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