Friday, July 2, 2010

Up Ghana! Up Black Stars! Africa Will Not Be Denied

If you're not completely convinced how much the entire continent of Africa is behind Ghana today, and how the Black Stars know that they are playing for the entire continent as they try to become the 1st African team to ever make it to a world cup semifinal, check this out.

PUMA presents: Of The Same Earth

I've already told you the tactical reasons why I think Ghana will sneak it today and kick off massive celebrations from South Africa to Accra all the way up to Morocco & Tunisia, and everywhere in between.

Ghana are again playing for an entire continent. And they know it

4 years ago I predicted an African team would make the continent's 1st semifinal on home soil. Granted I got the team wrong(I predicted in 2006 it would be Cameroon led by Eto'o), but I think today Ghana will do it and 1 billion people across an entire continent will celebrate all through the night.

Here's hoping they do it; something tells me they will.

Up Black Stars!

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