Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thierry Henry Makes MLS Debut Tonight. Against Spurs. Think He'll Be Up For It?

So the New York Red Bulls did sign Thierry Henry after all, as I reported here three weeks ago, back when it was the worst kept secret in soccer. Tonight he makes his MLS debut in an exhibition match against a little outfit called Tottenham Hotspur (5pm PST, Fox Soccer Channel). You think TH14 will be up for it?

Henry scored 226 goals for Arsenal, but always lists this one as his favorite.

Here is what he said last week about his first match in the US:

"I won't even mention the name of the team that we are going to play
on the 22nd. That's how big a rivalry is it for me."

This is a treat for US viewers, because the opponent pretty much guarantees that we'll see all out effort from TH14 rather than the usual exhibition match going through the motions routine. After all, we are talking about a man who has this picture on his wall at home...

"Whenever I look at the picture I always see new faces." -TH14

...and says he looks at it often and that it is one of his favorite pictures.

He may be 32 and a bit over the hill for a full season in the EPL or La Liga at the top, top level, but make no mistake- Thierry Henry will do very well in MLS and score lots & lots of goals; as it is he is probably the best player in the league right now. And he will play tonight like it is a cup final; this is a mercurial, Gallic player who is heavily influenced by emotions and mood- he can range from giving 100% for 90 minutes to sulking his way right out of a game if things are not to his liking. So don't be surprised if he scores a goal or two against Spurs tonight (which would suit me just fine).

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