Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Damon Evans Situation As Seen From The West Coast

So University Of Georgia young superstar athletic director Damon Evans got busted last night for DUI with a "friend"in his car who was not his wife, and his future is uncertain at best.

For me, aside from the obvious, like how the school can let this slide while preaching responsibility and low or no tolerance for drugs & alcohol from its student athletes, is the most important bit for us left coast Dawgs: the continuation of Georgia coming out here to play.

Personally, it's not my business if Evans Tiger Woods-ed his wife. But it is my business if he is relieved of his duties as AD, and his successor goes the Buford T Pusser route and reverses Evans' visionary policy of playing true road games all over the country to try to grow Georgia football from a strong regional brand to a national brand, and if I am deprived of the fun we had at Arizona State in 2008, we will have this October against Colorado in Boulder, and the amazing time we are already planning on having at Autzen stadium in September of 2015when we will play at Oregon, then I for one will be PISSED. And if this happens, and there are no more trips out West, or if the Oregon series gets canceled with a phone call and a buyout clause check, then I will never forgive Damon for his transgressions. Not his transgressions against his wife, his family, or the University of Georgia as an institution, but rather against the diaspora of Dawgs spread out West of the continental divide whose lives have been massively improved since he took control of Georgia athletics and reversed Vince Dooley's inward looking scheduling policy which saw Georgia football not play a regular season road game outside the geographic South between 1965 (@Michigan) and 2008 (@Arizona State).

If we are deprived of this in September 2015, you will never
be forgiven for this Damon Evans
(photo courtesy of

T Kyle King, on the other hand, would be rather pleased.

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