Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What The Apple Cult Looks Like To An HTC Evo User

As an HTC Evo owner of 2 weeks who 1) has heard no less than 4 people in the last week tell me that they have to get the new iPhone4, well, just because it's an iPhone and 2) has told a few people about my new phone only to hear "is it the iPhone?" followed by general disappointment & disinterest, I was so amused by this that I had to post it even though is has absolutely nothing to do with anything that I generally write about.

Don't be fooled by the cartoon- this is not safe to listen to in front of your kids.

I happened to be walking by the Apple store in downtown SF last week and as I looked at the line stretching out the door and up the street, I thought to myself "man, I feel bad for them, because for the 1st time the cult of Apple is lining up to purchase an inferior product, and they either don't know it or are too stubborn to accept it, or at least wait for the next update to come out to fix all that is wrong with the iPhone4 1.0."

Also, if you live in San Francisco (and apparently New York from what I am told), there is no need to get too in depth in the HTC Evo v iPhone 4 debate. The HTC Evo can MAKE A PHONE CALL WITHOUT DROPPING, so just on that alone it is a superior device. As my man Swindle used to say, QEDMF.


Skraps said...

I truly believe the iPhone 3g/gs is superior to any phone of that generation. But over a year of Android development has brought the platform to a superior level. Software aside, the fact that Android isn't tied to the shitty AT&T network makes it a win over just about every market in the US.

Just 6 more months on my 2 year hitch with AT&T and I'll be back to Verizon with an Android phone.

p.s. iPhone on AT&T is only acceptable right now due to a county employee 25% discount on the monthly bill. Next fiscal year we will have the same agreement with VZW and Sprint.

Janice said...

Apple products are very long lasting. And this is my personal experience. As I am having iPod of apple from many years and it is going well

Kanu said...

Yesterday it was leaked that iPhone will allegedly be sold on Verizon in January 2011: