Thursday, June 24, 2010

USMNT Top Story On Daily Show & Colbert

When Colbert started off with this at the beginning of the World Cup, you knew that over the course of the tournament these guys were going to bring some great stuff.

Steven T. Colbert: great American? Or the greatest American?

Well ancillary bonus #47 of the USMNT* performance thus far is more hilarious coverage from 2 of the best shows on television. Yesterday afternoon I was thinking "man, Daily Show & Colbert could be amazing tonight".

And they were.

Must see TV:

The Daily Show

Colbert Report

I expect more to come from these two, especially Colbert. I mean hell he did this for the Winter Olympics... you can imagine what he and his writing staff are cooking up as this thing has gone from mildly interesting to a real life Disney movie that has drawn in both casual sports fans and even non sports fans.

More of the same, please.

*USMNT = US Mens National Team, the commonly used acronym for the US team

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