Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Penalties Provide Ecstasy For Paraguay, Agony For Japan, And Bring Out The Inner Homer In Chilavert

Paraguay 0- 0 (aet. 5-3) Japan.

Yesterday was exhibit A on the absolute cruelty of the penalty shootout. 9 penalties were taken, 8 goals were scored, and 1 hit the crossbar, and just like that, Paraguay are in the World Cup quarterfinals and Japan are on a flight home. If that's not cruelty defined, I'm not sure what is.

My Spanish isn't good enough to understand more than about 30% of the Univision broadcasts, but all tournament I have been wondering how much of a homer legendary Paraguayan goalkeeper/goalscorer and Univision color commentator Chilavert has been. It *seems* to me that he has remained somewhat objective when performing his duties calling the Paraguay games, but I would need one of you who is fluent in Espanol to vouch for this. Anyhow, as it went to extra time yesterday and then penalties, I was thinking "man it must be getting harder & harder for Chilavert not to say screw it and openly root for his countrymen."

And as Cordozo stepped up to take the potentially game winning penalty, dude finally said to hell with objectivity, I don't care if some Univision executive gets mad at me, it's time for me to get real...

After Honda converts: "vamos Paraguay....."
Just before Cardozo shoots: "VAMOS, CARDOZO, VAMOS!!!"
Then screams "GOLLL!!!" on top of the announcer's "Gooooool!"


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