Friday, June 25, 2010

Feel Good Friday: In Retrospect, I Wish Vuvuzelas Were The Favors At Our Wedding

Noticed that little soccer ball that now appears on each and every one of the eleventy billion videos on YouTube? Well thanks can be directed to Mountain View, California because now you can take any video in the world and add the beautiful buzzing background of an army of vuzuvelas. Go ahead give it a try. It makes everything better, or at least funnier. Plus you can endlessly irritate the whiny little girls who won't stop complaining about a neighbors strange custom when they are in said neighbors house, which is pretty disrespectful- when in rome y'all, get over it.

It didn't take me 2 minutes to realize that we should have given everyone at our wedding one as the favor. But instead of traveling back in time as great expense and effort, we can just click on a little soccer ball and it's as if we did just that. Thanks, Google.

Double click to launch full YouTube version,
then press that little soccer ball in the bottom right of the video

Track Listing
Slightly Stoopid, 'Dancing Mood" intro
Gotan Project, 'Santa Maria' tango
Outkast, 'So Fresh, So Clean'
Outkast, 'Hey Ya!'
Unknown artist, Salsa
Stephen Colbert, Copyright Techo Remix
Vanilla Ice, 'Ice Ice Baby' outro


Jennifer said...

That would have been hilarious! Google rules... :)

OMAA said...

You are nuts!!!!