Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 59-59. Win Lose or Tie, Isner Wins. Go Dawgs!

Remember 3 years ago when Isner was Athens' very own
6'9" John Mayer with a 130 mph serve? Fun Times.

There have already been literally millions of clever comments written about his situation over the last 24 hours. On twitter alone. Nevermind the rest of the internet.

So here's the best writeup that I could find in 2 minutes flat. It'll tell you everything you need to know.

Except this:

I don't know Isner, I've never personally met him, but I have watched him do his thing front the front row, and in a not dissimilar situation where he performed like the #2 collegiate tennis player should yet still was denied victory by cruel fate (and a Pepperdine hooker). And I'm here to tell you the dude is a straight up badass. Add to that he's an almost 7 foot tall ringer for John Mayer and we're getting into legend territory even before today's theater of the absurd.

Win, lose, or draw, Isner will spend the rest of his life in the company of tennis immortals. Just like Russell Henley, who at age 20 just beat 120 professional golfers at the US Open at Pebble Beach last week while still smiling and interacting with fans then said "naw homey, keep your money, I'm an amateur & I'm not selling out for all that cash to give up on my remaining goals as an amateur golfer', John Isner is shining like a mofo for the Bulldog Nation right about now.

You don't always have to win the championship, save the day or get the girl to make your community proud. You just have to do your best, and whether that results in failure or epic front page, whole world is tripping on you success, know this: every single member of the University Of Georgia family is proud as hell of you.

So keep shining John Isner and know we're all behind you . That said, here's hoping you come out on top Friday afternoon 234-232.

and that's another... Bulldog. Point. Of. Pride.*

*Sponsored by Golden Flake- the official potato chip of the Southeastern Conference.


moinllieon said...

One thing that got me: while the pundits were talking about this match, one of the guys brought up the fact that for the last 20 games or so of the 5th set, both players were very "classy". Meaning that neither were jumping around, yelling, throwing fist pumps after each point and all that. I just find it hilarious.

Kanu said...

4 words moin: ESPN- consider the source.

In their defense, what the hell do you talk about after 6 hours? Part of the fun was listening to them. They ran out of every dingle shred of filler that was prepared for them by the interns on the TV production team at around 30-30, and by 40-40 they literally had run out of material and just had to keep trying not to say the same thing they had already said 7x. It was surreal visually , audio wise, and in every other conceivable way.