Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ils Sont Arrivés

The only thing better than getting my eight 2008 ASU season tickets in the mail yesterday...

... was also getting a coupon for a free Chick Fil A sandwich at any CFA in the state of Arizona.

Although, really & truly, it should be 1 coupon per season ticket, not 1 coupon per order. No hay problema, ASU ticket office, you can send me my remaining 7 free Chick Fil A coupons to the house, or you can leave them for me at Will Call- either way.

35 days from tonight and we'll be in the desert.

Let the posting of superflous tickets to all other ASU games on Craigslist for 70% off begin!

1 comment:

Jason said...

What's embarrassing to me is how much better the ASU Season Tickets appear compared to UCLA's.

It's Arizona State, for God's sake.

Ah well.