Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rick Dutrow, You're A Douche

It doesn't feel too good to gripe about a guy whose girlfriend/mother of his daughter was murdered in his home 10 years ago, but such is the massive amount of arrogant shit talking and lack of any pretense of humility or class that I can't resist.

After talking shit all spring, and not showing much class before or after the Derby & Preakness, he kept on leading up to the Belmont. He even lashed out at John Servis, trainer of SMARTY JONES in 2004 and universally hailed withing racing as a genuinely good guy, saying that he totally fucked up and ruined it for Smarty, not letting the facts get in the way of his unprovoked attack {workout over a crappy sealed track}.

So after the massive fail of BIG BROWN on Saturday you would think that Dutrow would have a chance to show a little humility, but no. He's decided that there's not way that BIG BROWN just didn't have it, or didn't like the track, or the extreme heat, or 3 races in 5 weeks, or getting boxed in and checked around multiple time early, or that he bounced off 3 huge efforts in a row, all things that any experienced horsemen would understand is part of the game.

Instead he has decided to blame the whole thing on Jockey Kent Desormeaux. What a dick.

Owners IEAH have now come out and stated that they are sticking with Desormeaux, so Dutrow will now be forced to work with him, unless Desormeaux tells Dutrow to fuck off on general principle- which he won't because he loves the horse so much- so you can be sure that the whole thing will be quite the soap opera all summer and fall as they try to get BIG BROWN back on track and to the Travers and Breeders Cup Classic.

So, Rick Dutrow, it's been long overdue all spring, but now it's official:

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