Friday, June 6, 2008

The Near Misses: Funny Cide 2003

I picked FUNNY CIDE to win the Derby, and was rooting for this geldiig to do it all. He was owned not by a billionaire but my a bunch of high school buddies who bought him for like 200,000 and then went on a wild ride to win the Derby & Preakness- a bunch of average guys that were easy to root for, and you wanted the horse and jockey to do it after the ridiculous and ignorant accusations of using a buzzer on the horse in the Derby that were disproved.

But it wasn't to be. The track was off, FUNNY CIDE has a terrible workout that cooked him, and EMPIRE MAKER looked really strong, and having skipped the Preakeness was a much fresher horse. I was in Barabdos on Belmont day and remember driving to the two sportsbooks that were open, the second of which was an Off Track Betting facility, because I was so certain that EMPIRE MAKER would beat FUNNY CIDE and I really wanted to put a hundy {$100} down on EMPIRE MAKER to win. Only to find out that you can't bet on American horse races in Barbados. After this I was even more certain that EMPIRE MAKER would do it, and of course he did as I watched from a sportsbar on the southern end of Barbados and cursed the winning bet that never was.

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