Sunday, June 29, 2008

Euro2008 Final Open Thread

11.45 a.m. PST ABC

Before the tournament I picked Spain over Germany in the final, and based on what I've seen there's no reason to back off that now.

Germany has been the best team in this tournament on scoring goals from crosses from the wings and volleyed or headed goals, so watch for them to try to get wide and send in crosses and continue their same winning strategy.

Spain will have more possession and try to win with running and quick passing. Germany are very organized at the back and keep their shape, so they will have looked at the Italy-Spain tape and seen that the best way to defend Spain is to deny them space in their final third.

Enjoy. Viva Espana!


Spain 1-0 Germany.

Well deserved. They pretty much dominated. Senna was player of the game for Spain and for the tournament as well. He beautifully protected Spain's back 4, their 1 weakness, and was outstanding at link up and transitional play from defense to attack. Would have been well deserved if he finished off that great move and nearly goal that he missed my 2 inches.

Very happy for Spain; I've always dug them. Sucks that racist curmudgeon Aragones was the one who led them to their first title in 40 years, but you can't have it all.

World Cup 2010 qualifying is under way and the finals will be here before you know it- 24 months isn't that long a time period.

I'm still hoping to go climb Kilimanjaro in 2010 then jam over to South Africa for a week or two to soak it all in {although if the dollar keeps going at this rate there's probably no way I can afford it}. Anyone wanna go?


Killing My Liver said...

Mancrush on Torres validated !!!

moin said...

It's more than just a mancrush is it? He has played great the last 2 matches and well deserved a goal for his performance this match.

Y Viva Espana!!!

nerrazzuri said...

If Iniesta knew how to shoot, it would've been 3-0. Inside the 6 yard box is not the place to be looking for an open teammate.

Killing My Liver said...

I'm just glad he made a good showing, finally.
41 days until EPL.

YNWA !!!

The Troll said...

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