Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Ultimate Word On Bissinger

If you are aware of the shitstorm created from last week's Bob Costas Now show on HBO by Pulitzer Prize winning author Buzz Bissinger {Friday Night Lights} for his juvenile and vitriolic attack on DeadSpin's Will Leitch about the value of sports blogs, then if you read one commentary on it, make sure that commentary is that of DCTrojan, for he absolutely knocked it out of the park, as he is wont to do. No one, no matter what media form, will write a better commentary about the whole situation, as well as the blogs vs. mainstream media issue, as our Scottish friend.

As I have said to him before: "On your regular days you’re like James McFadden in Stade de France; on your best days you’re simply Archie Gemmill on June 11, 1978", which only makes sense if you have a rudimentary knowledge of Scottish soccer history.

Anyhow, read the article, for DCT is dropping knowledge in the most massive way.

For the record, Bissinger is embarrased and apologetic, and says so in his interview with Orson Swindle, who also represents the blogosphere exceptionally well for his rational and reasoned interview discourse- compare that with how he might be interviewed by the tools on Pardon The Interruption or even CNN, and there's your stereotype destruction of the tired cliche about bloggers vs the MSM.

And a final word out blogs being dumbed down: watch ESPN College Football GameDay, and then read Sunday Morning Quarterback, and you tell me which one is dumbed down and worthless {hint for the lazy: one of them features Big And Rich, and one doesn't}. I rest my case.

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Anonymous said...

You're too kind sir, too kind indeed. Alas, like Scotland, I rarely get past the first round of life's finals, but with a little style along the way...