Friday, May 9, 2008

Feel Good Friday: Superhero Brother Edition

It's official: Superhero Brother is coming for your ass on June 24th.

Way cooler than Iron Man.

Who is Superhero Brother? Why G. Love of course, and along with his band Special Sauce this will be their 10th album. I have heard a few tracks from it and they are very, very good. I can't wait, and I already know that this will be my summertime all the time CD this year.

G. Love also just announced dates for a new tour this summer called the Block Party Tour with the John Butler Trio, but I'll let him tell it.

How many dudes you know that can play banjo & beat box?

I can't tell you how geeked I am that he is playing in San Francisco's Fort Mason near my apartment on August 31. The theater there only holds 370 people so I can only assume that he is going to play outdoors in the meadow with the bay and GGB as his backdrop. One thing is for sure: it won't suck.

And finally here is a cool promo vid from his last album- also outstanding- called Lemonade.

You can see all the tour dates, when he is coming to your town, and keep up with him- yeah, he blogs- on his official site, Philadelphonic. If you have never been to a G. Love show then get out and see you some hip-hop/blues this summer.

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