Monday, May 12, 2008

Arsenal Complete Best 3rd Place Season In EPL History

Arsenal won yesterday to finish in 3rd place with 83 points, 4 back of champions ManUtd and 2 behind 2nd place Chel$ea. Yes, third place is disappointing after leading the league from August to March, but there are good things to be taken from this season. Arsenal improved by 15 points over last season's 68 point total, and didn't fall into an abyss after selling Thierry Henry like so many predicted. 83 points is very good; so good, in fact, that it is the highest point total for a 3rd place team in EPL history and before this season would have been the highest point total for any runner up in EPL history.

So congrats to the manager and the team for a great season. The media is overreacting as usual when it comes to Arsenal and people are calling for a clearing out and signing of a whole bunch of new players for this "failed" team, the same team that the same media were saying would be lucky to finish 4th back in August.

They are so close to winning trophies that dismantling the squad would be foolish- thankfully Arsene knows that more than anyone. Flamini will need to be replaced, and a winger who actually scores goals would be great, but dismantling is silly. And although he is amazing on the ball, Hleb can fuck off to Inter Milan if he likes- they can be just as frustrated with his silky skills but only 11 goals in 4 seasons and chronic fear of shooting.

Minor modifications, a few additions and having another go are all that is needed here. When you consider that this team was just a result or two away from being champions, I have every confidence that they could win the title with just a few additions to the current squad, and a season of full health from the likes of Van Persie and Rosicky.


Killing My Liver said...

Congrats on the best 3rd place ever .... I guess that's cool. Anyway, the off season will be interesting to say the least. The Reds are probably dealing Pennant, Riise, and Alonso, and hopefully will be bringing some quality in.
LOL .. look at me, one day past the final match, and already hoping for next year.

Kanu said...

100 days to EPL 08/09 I think...

beast in 'bama said...

KML: you are a Liverpool fan. That is what we do (now).

The injuries to Eduardo and Rosicky did Arsenal in this season.