Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The 134th Kentucky Derby: Our View

Here's the Derby as seen from the paddock with the always excellent on track announcer {Durkin does the call for NBC but the permanent CD announcer does all the calls at the track, even the Derby}.

Don't mind the moron who says "looks like he's {BB} laboring a bit"
as they cross the wire the first time. Focus on the genius who says
"he's {BB} a fucking freak" at the top of the stretch.

No we didn't see it live, because there are only 51,000 seats at Churchill Downs but there were 157,700 people at Derby this year, and we don't roll in the high cotton like that {read: grandstand tickets are fucking expensive}.

Also, note the flags in that video. That's the reason the finishing time wasn't super fast- 2:01.82 - because the horses ran directly into that significant headwind twice, first from the gate to the first turn and then again down the stretch. So if, IF, Big Brown goes on to be some sort of horse racing legend, and someone years from now tries to act all smart and say "yeah, but his Derby was slow", then you can call that person out and everyone will look at you like you really know what you are talking about, which if you are like me, would be nice for a change.

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