Friday, April 11, 2008

Masters Day 1: Moderate Pimpin', But Nothing Spectacular. Yet. Hopefully.

If last year was a bit disappointing because inaugural Dodgy At Best 2006 Pimp Of The Masters Darren Clarke shot 83 on the first day and didn't make the cut, then this year is even more dire as he isn't even in the field at all. Niclas Fasth did a watered down homage to Clarkey's 2006 winning getup however, rocking a light-lavender outfit.

Poor man's version of D Clarke back on 2006.

That leaves 2007 Pimp Of The Masters Ian Poulter the favorite, and yesterday he opened his title defense pretty well with a nice white lounge lizard shirt with lime green trim, lime green pants, belt, shoes, and visor. The visor's a little soft, and certainly cannot compete with last year's collection of pimp hats, but all in all a solid effort on day 1 of his title defense. He has clearly established himself as the player to beat this year, as if there were any doubts before the tournament got underway.

IP: even with a visor {-1}, still favored to defend title

Oh, in addition, Gooner Ian got over the depression of Arsenal's dubious exit fromt he Champions League with a hole in one at the famous 16th hole, the 5th hole in one on 16 in Masters history, and interestingly the 4th in the last 4 years:

Among the chasers there was some moderate pimpin' but nothing spectacular. The major themes of the day seemed to be 1) white pants 2) all black or 3) white & green. A good dozen or so dudes rocked the white pants, some with the accompanying white belt as well.

Stephen Ames: one white shirt from all white awesomeness

Carmello Villejas and Lee Westwood even went a bit Wimbledon and went {mostly} all white.

Black hat/white shirt/black belt/white pants:
it pains me to say it, but the Gator {Villejas} came strong with it.

Both Phil Mickleson and Justin Rose went for modified versions of an all black kit, but neither of them quite pulled it off. I don't think they'll be too bothered, Justin Rose shares the lead at -4 and Phil shot a nice 1 under 71.

The white/black combo was best pulled off by Andres Romero, who came with this:

Romero: one to watch for sure.

I never saw his shoes, but with the right ones, like say some Gary Player black & white specials, this could have been really special. One to keep you eye on as the week progresses.

The other major theme was white and green, either green shirt/white pants or vicey versey.

Aaron Baddeley: white hat, white shirt, white belt, green pants, white shoes

Paul Casey: white hat, green shirt, white belt, white pants, green shoes

Nick Dougherty: white visor {-1}, white shirt, green belt, green pants, white shoes

Luke Donald: white visor {-1}, white shirt, white belt, green pants, white shoes

Speaking of Gary Player, respect must be paid to the man appearing in his record 51st Masters. He has been pimpin' hard for more than 5 decades, and yesterday went with an all gray outfit that was pretty average for him, but those classic Gary Player shoes put him solidly in big pimpin' territory.

GP: at age 72, playing in his 51st Masters,
he's pimpin' strong into his 6th decade at Augusta. Bow Down.

And speaking of classics, T Woods showed yet again that damn near every day he looks clean and sharp, and he gets the all important concept of matching your shoes/belt/hat with the same color.

Just like with his golf, dude always brings it.

On the other hand, newcomer Toru Taniguchi came out pretty strong, but his failure to master the aforementioned shoes/belt/hat combo left him just short. A good first effort, and a newcomer to watch for sure, but the black shoes, white belt, black hat combo left him so close but still no cigar. The red pants/pink shirt is strong though. If he can tighten up his game he could come out of nowhere to surprise.

One black belt {or white shoes & hat} from Pimp Of The Day.

Adam Scott got the hat/belt/shoes {they were white too} combo correct as well, and looked casually sharp as always

Adam Scott reflects on his position on the fashion & golf leaderboards

Obligatory Shingo shot, who went all black with the exception of a powder blue shirt. Good as always.

Shingo: if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Too bad Sergio doesn't read this blog, as last year I expressly told him that orange and gray don't match. He went with it again, and admittedly it is a bit better, but still a swing and a miss- although the bright orange alligator skin belt on it's own is STRONG. Improved color coordination is his only chance at making a serious run at this.

The belt is sweet, and it's a bit better,
but we talked about this last year, Sergio.

Oh, the golf tournament? More US Open non excitement overall. Perfect warm weather, no wind, course conditions described as "benign" by many, and yet only 3 eagles all day, one of which was IP's hole in one on 16. Outside of that, Tiger's chip in for eagle from behind the 15th green, and Phil's pinseeker from behind the 1st green, there wasn't a whole lot.

Keep up with day 2 at the official Masters site, with lots of live coverage that is much more interesting that whatever work you have to do in your office today.


beast in 'bama said...

Admit it - you only like Taniguchi because of the red pants.

Kanu said...

It helped, I'll admit that.

But no, he's obviously bold enough to think outside the boring golf attire box, so I salute him for that, he just needs to tighten up his game a bit.

He's close, really close. Interested to see what he comes with today.