Saturday, April 5, 2008

Kanu Puts Pompey In Final

12 hours later, and that is still the headline on Soccernet.

Kanu's goal helped Portsmouth beat his former club West Brom 1-0 in the FA Cup semifinal and put them into their first FA Cup Final since 1939, when they won their only FA Cup by beating Wolverhampton 4-1.

You can be sure that all over Pompey tonight his song is being belted out by revelers both sober and drunk:

"He's tall, he's black,
He's had a heart attack,
Kaaaaa-nuuuuu, Kaaaaa-nuuuuuu!!!"

Great for him. Already the most decorated African footballer in history, at almost 32 this may be his last chance to win a major honor, at least at the club level. Here's hoping he scores the winning goal in the final to become a Portsmouth legend for ever after.


beast in 'bama said...

I like the way 'Arry uses Kanu as a spot starter or "sixth man" to help prolong his career. He doesn't have to be THE man anymore, but he still seems to come up with big goals when they're most needed. Portsmouth's got a good mix of young players and old heads like Kanu, James and Campbell and should get that big trophy.

It's good to see someone outside the big 4 win the FA Cup, and I'd rather it be Pompey than just about anyone else. Other than the big 4, I'd rather attend a game at Fratton Park more than any other EPL venue. Their fans are incredible.

Kanu said...

Agreed on all counts.

Doesn't hurt either that PFC is The Arsenal Retirement Home: Kanu, Lauren, Sol, Tony Adams as assistant manager to 'Arry, who himself is a lifelong Gooner, and even Mr. Complainy-face Diarra, who netted Arsenal Football CLub a cool $6 million for his 3 month cup of coffee at The Emirates.