Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's Masters Week; I Must Be Two

So The Golf Channel is once again talking about something I first brought up two years ago and then again last year, and want to emphasize again because I feel like I spotted it pretty quickly, was on the leading edge of the realization: that The Masters is much more boring now, much less exciting, has lost it's essence, and is now a pseudo US Open.

Then I realized, holy shit! It's Masters week. This means that Dodgy At Best is officially 2 years old- last Sunday to be exact.

Circa 1992-93 Kanu & Solon team up to show
you how old DAB is this week

So thanks to the tens of you that come around occasionally to read my incoherent ramblings and interact in the comments section. I only wish I has more free time to post more, as for every post that makes it here there are literally 5-10 good ideas that die somewhere along the process, usually an idea who never receives enough oxygen {in the form of free time to sit down and write it all out, cross reference links, fact check, etc,} and dies before it gets to the internets.

One good thing: over the next 4 days there will be some serious pimpin' goin' down.


Theodore Eugene said...

Although this post has little going on with it, I can only salivate after revisiting last year's "serious pimpin'" post knowing that we will see more and better threads.

Killing My Liver said...

Relative newcomer here. Good work. You're in my favorites now. keep it up.

Orson Swindle said...

Congratulations. The title of your blog remains as inaccurate as ever.

Brain said...

Keep banging away. IAN Arsenal Puolter Rocking the lead in the Masters.

Charles said...

I don't know if you plan on watching the replay or anything so I'm not gonna say the score,but the ending to the Getafe-Munich game was pretty sick.

Charles said...

sorry, off topic I know.
Enjoy the hell out of the blog too, keep it up.

beast in 'bama said...

Just got back from Muscle Shoals (I wasn't lying - I really did go there today, and no, I didn't find any evidence of "a Swamperz") in time to see Poulter's hole-in-one @ Augusta. Today's outfit did not compare with last year's pimpin' attire, IMHO, but he's still gettin' it done.

Thanks for the opportunity to bounce proper football opinions around; you'd be shocked - SHOCKED - to know how little opportunity I have for that here in the suburbs of, boo, boo!

Kanu said...

Thanks, y'all. And thank you as well- it always more fun to check back and not see "0 comments" after a post. I also enjoy the back and forth, just as much when we disagree than when we agree.

Charles- Couldn't catch that match, but I'll be sure to check out Fox Sports World report tonight and see the highlights.