Friday, April 25, 2008

Feel Good Friday: SambaDa Edition

Last weekend I saw the self described brasilian/afro/samba/funk band SambaDa perform for the second time, at the DeYoung art museum of all places. They are local in that they were formed in Santa Cruz, but all of the members are Brasilians so I guess they aren't very local after all. The first time I saw then was at the famous Fillmore when they opened for Ozomatli, and they were amazing and really high energy; I figured they would be toned down considerably considering the venue. I was wrong- they were super high energy and totally rocked it again.

Anyhow, they are amazing, especially at live performance, where they intermittently get down off the stage and dance with the crowd, capped off by an impromptu capoiera performance during their encore. Also, they play the musical equivalent of Total Football, with many members switching instruments throughout the show. Lots of percussion, which is great, the saxophone player is exceptional can can flat out wail, and the lead female singer has a strong and very beautiful voice as well.

Unfortunately there are not any really good videos of them on the YouTubes, so the best thing is to go to their myspace page and listen to the songs in their jukebox {Beijo na Boca and Sambada Batucada are my favorites}. Here's a couple of videos that give a small taste but do not at all show how good this band is.

So crank up their music jukebox, get up out of your chair, shake your bunda and do a little impromptu freestyle samba dance. Home/work/whatever, you'll feel better afterwards. And if SambaDa comes to your town, then go see them for sure. Great music, high energy, and a fun time are guaranteed.

Bom dia!

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Anon said...

Yes, SambaDa is great, however only two members (the lead singers) are Brasilians. The rest are from So Cal, Bay Area and I think the midwest. See band bios on their website