Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Look

Now that I finally sorted out getting links back to opening in a new tab/window {sorry- personal preference}, I think I have everything sorted with the new layout, with the exception of it not letting me load a pic into the header background, but that is pretty minor and I'll take the time to figure it out eventually {or maybe not}.

In addition to finally upgrading to the new Blogger platform, the third column allowed me to add some new features, such as my twitter feed, my personal 100 song jukebox from ProjectPlaylist { you can make your own and embed in blogger, myspace, facebook, etc}, and recent comments.

Apparently the page looks shit in IE7. I hate IE and had only looked at the page in Firefox and Safari, which both look great. I looked at it in IE6 and it's ok {although way less clean and tight than either Firefox or Safari}. Sorry, but it's likely that I won't take the time to install crappy ass IE7 on my PC and spend the time to figure out how to make it pretty in IE7 any time soon. Maybe some day if I'm stuck overnight at an airport or something, but no time soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience over the last few days.

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