Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Weekend

I'm off to Vegas to take in the madness and hang out with the cool kids in school, Swindle, P Bizzle, Miss Holly, and whoever else rolls through. Should be interesting, as I have been sick all week, and Vegas wears you down to a raw nub in about 48 hours when you go there at 100%; it's about the worst place I can think of in the {first} world to be sick. Oh well, I'll just have to man up.

No updates, but we're all Twitter dorks so the sidebar on the left should be happening {if you click on the header you get me and them, not just me}.

Oh, and Happy Easter to those who are so inclined to celebrate, whether it be by giving thanks and praise or racing down Lombard Street on a bigwheel with all your friends, which sadly is having to move away from Lombard after 7 years there because it has gotten too big.

2007 Bring Your Own Big Wheel race down Lombard St.

Have a great weekend, whatever you get into.

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