Thursday, March 6, 2008

Every Team Has Shitty Fans

So alot has been made of the Aston Villa fans last weekend, who took only 14 minutes of the Arsenal-Villa match at the Emirates before they started singing a song comparing Eduardo to Paul McCartney's amputee wife:

"He used to have silky skills,
now he walks like Heather Mills"

Appalling and shameful? Yes. Arsene Wenger said it best: "unfortunately there are no limits to either intelligence or stupidity".

However, as an Arsenal fan, I can't get too self-righteously outraged over this for many reasons. First, apparently it was a fairly small number of fans that participated. Secondly, some pathetic Arsenal fans for years have taunted Spurs fans with references to the Holocaust and gas chambers, and apparently as recently as this season some were said to have sung "We've got Cesc Fabregas, you yids are scared of gas", which is far worse than what the Villa fans did.

The truth is that no fan base is homogeneous. Each has geniuses and idiots, rational people and lunatics, reasonable people and unconscionable people. A small portion of every fan's base is an embarrassment, like a giant ass-pimple that can never be popped or heal. Now some teams have a bigger percentage of the whole that participate in despicable behavior {Arsenal or Portsmouth vs. Milwall or Lazio, for example}, but no fanbase is completely lily-white and 100% pure. Hell there are Georgia fans that I see at games all the time that cause me to be embarrassed for my team and my university, just as there are classy fans of Florida, Tennessee, Auburn, and Georgia Tech. It's not as plain and simple as our current fearless leader would like to believe, that everyone on our team are valiant heroes and everyone on the other team are horrible evildoers.

When these groups of fans do horrible shit then they should certainly be called out on it, but entire fan bases should not be called out as classless and shameful. I am certain that a large portion of the Villa fanbase is embarrassed by the song, just as millions of Arsenal fans, myself included, want nothing to do with and completely condemn any Arsenal fans taunting Spurs with Holocaust and gas chamber references.

So a big fuck you to the Villa fans that sang that song, but not to all Villa fans as a whole. Ditto for sick ass anti-semitic Arsenal fans vis a vis Gooners as a whole.

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