Monday, March 31, 2008

5 Words You Don't Often See Together:
F1, President, Nazi, Hooker, Orgy


Any two or, hell, maybe even 3 of those words you might see together, but not all five.

I'm not much into auto racing, but I couldn't not investigate this headline further:

F1 President in Nazi Hooker Orgy


Some of the better lines from the story:

At one point during the video, the man yells "she needs more of ze punishment!" while brandishing a leather strap over a woman's bottom before striking her with it and counting in German, as other women in Nazi-style uniforms look on.

Formula One chief executive Bernie Ecclestone said the sport shouldn't be affected by the report.

"Assuming it's all true, what people do privately is up to them," Ecclestone told the Times in a story posted late Sunday on its Web site. "Knowing Max it might be all a bit of a joke."

Of course, what a funny joke! I was just thinking the other day that nothing says comedy quite like doing and orgiastic Nazi role play with 5 hookers. Now that's funny!

To recap: ummm, Wow.

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beast in 'bama said...

Das ist walzend keine!

What was this guy doing in Pensacola?