Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

My thoughts haven't changed about VD {or Valentine's Day, either...}, and I still highly recommend my advice to y'all from last year: Fuck Dr. Phil, this is worth a minute of your time for sure.

The Good
Perhaps my favorite band these days, Slightly Stoopid {if you liked Sublime: Sublime begat Long Beach Dub All Stars; LBAS begat Slightly Stoopid}, are opening their spring tour right here in SF. Tonight. Even better, a Santa Cruz stoner band still on the verge of blowin' up, The Expendables, are opening. They are great, and even more a propos, they have the most romantic stoner song of all time, "Bowl For Two". What better way to escape the bullshit of Valentine's Day than go see two awesome stoner bands in concert?

The Bad
Not only do I have Spanish class tonight, pero tengo un examen gigante esta noche. So no concert for me. Oh well, I'll see them again next time. Fuck.

The Ugly
My goofy ass. But I just remind myself that's just a testament to how much game I have ;)

I'll leave you with the only cool thing about Valentine's Day: Andre 3000's funky-ass, cupid impersonating take on it:

And remember, if you love someone, then fuck Valentine's Day- you should be doing random thoughtful sweet shit for them on May 12th, August 3rd, October 27th, and various other random and frequent times throughout the year, not on the 1 day that society reminds lazy men to do so, and Valentine's Day should be banished to its proper place: irrelevance.


Unknown said...

So sorry to hear the bad news. You were so excited about the concert! Damn.

beast in 'bama said...

Man, I couldn't agree with you more about VD. But I've got to tell you, yesterday I hit the wife with a simple card and a really heartfelt message (she's had a rough go of it lately).

After more than a decade of openly downgrading and villifying the VD, yesterday's card moved her to tears - and I gotta admit, it felt pretty good. Maybe after we've been married another 18 years, I'll give it another shot.

Anonymous said...

I was late to the party and also went the card route. Got it on the way home that night, and just like Christmas Eve at the malls, I think someone declared 2/14 men's night at Publix. Good to see so many men at publix!

Unknown said...

I think Pepper is better than Slightly Stoopid. Good band, though.