Friday, February 1, 2008

Feel Good Friday: Noah's Ark Edition

So it's been raining damn near every day for 2 weeks here. Some days it's not so bad, and my insanely huge umbrella that could easily cover a family of 5 and the mudders make the walk to work no problem, as long as there's no chinook winds to turn my brolly inside out every other block. Other days it sucks ass, like on Friday when I got home to find a small flood in my apartment, which then turned into pretty massive water damage which has necessitated me evacuating my place for 3 days while a contractor drills dozens of holes in my walls and tries to dry out the inside walls and repair all the damage. Hopefully they can at least make my pad smell a little less like the inside of an old, wet shoe.

So in honor of SF turning into Seattle, today we celebrate the rain. In song, of course.

"Blame It On The Rain", Milli Vanilli, 1989

Go big or go home

"Singing In The Rain", Gene Kelly 1952

An American classic

"I Can't Stand The Rain", Ann Peebles, 1973

The original: 50x better than Tina Turner's version...

... although this remake is good, and the video is beyond fucking awesome, even if you aren't on acid:

"I Can't Stand The Rain", Eruption, 1978

"The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)", Missy Elliott, 1997

Missy's remake: good song, bad video,
unless you're into big girls wearing Hefty bags

"It's Raining Men", Weather Girls, 1982

I'm more into big girls parachuting out of windows

I must add that I much prefer the original name of the band Weather Girls, which was "Two Tons O' Fun", and also that you have to tip your cap to them for successfully getting that level of sexual innuendo past the censors way back in 1982.

I hope the sun is out wherever you may be.

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