Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cote D'Ivoire Isn't Camelot; It's Sir Mix-A-Lot

"Well, hello..."

Before Tuesday I already liked the Ivory Coast just fine- a French speaking African nation full of friendly people who are also soccer mad and have one of the best teams in all of Africa, including Arsenal players Kolo Toure, whom I love and Emmanuel Eboue, whom I tolerate. Hell everybody loved them after they were the feel good story at the 2006 World Cup when ESPN hired Bono to tell us how their qualification for their first ever World Cup led to a cease fire in their civil war.

Well now it's safe to say that I full-on *love* the Ivory Coast after learning of their recent and fervent celebration of the big round booty.

Good, better, best

It's called "Bobaraba" which literally means 'big bottom', and is a hit song and dance craze from 2007 that is still going strong. Even the Ivory Coast national soccer team were doing it during goal celebrations at this year's African Cup Of Nations, which seems rather a propos when you consider that the French word for 'goal' is 'but'.

Les Elephants dansent le bobaraba apres un but

It is a dance/celebration for both men and women, although of course the women are getting the lion's elephant's share of attention. That being said, it is being pushed as less misogynistic and more empowering by the group who made the song:

"There are women today with large bottoms who are embarrassed, so it's to say don't be ashamed - be comfortable"

Way better than the bookends on my bookshelf

Anyhow, here's the video:

I can't help but think that I'd really like to see Serena, in the catsuit, doing this dance.

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